Talks are 20 minutes in length with 5 minutes for discussion. We strongly prefer speakers to provide talks as pdfs so that they can be loaded on the theatre computer before sessions start.

The programme may be downloaded as a pdf file here. It is also given below, where titles and abstracts can be found by scrolling down to the Participants section.

Talks (Messel Lecture Theatre, Sydney Nanoscience Hub)

Monday, November 27Tuesday, November 28
8:00am coffee/tea
8:50am Welcome
8:55am Philipp Schönhöfer Richard Henchman
9:20am Pierre Rognon Peter Daivis
9:45am Shaun Hendy Francois Guillard
10:10am coffee/tea coffee/tea
10:40am Poster Session Poster Session
11:10am Itai Einav David Huang
11:35am Amelia Liu Ann Bui
12:00pm Andrew Martin David Ostler
12:25pm lunch lunch
2:00pm Daniel Ladiges Kirill Glavatskiy
2:25pm Georg Gottwald Toby Hudson
2:50pm Rajarshi Chakrabarti Mario Liu
3:15pm Timothy Atherton Chunguang Tang
3:40pm coffee/tea coffee/tea
4:20pm Ern Seang Ong Gang Sun
4:45pm Nathan Clisby Asaph Widmer-Cooper
5:10pm Ravi Jagadeeshan Owen Jepps
5:35pm end Conclusion
6:00pm dinner

Posters (Please set up Monday morning after 8:00am and take down by 4:20pm on Tuesday)

Isaac Gresham Benjy Marks
Alexander Smith Yawei Liu
Jared Wood Luca Maffioli
Adrian Menzel Debora Monego
Malcolm Ramsay Kannan Ridings
Ian Douglass Stephen Hannam
Hessam Jami


Timothy Atherton Tufts University Percolation transition in the packing of bidispersed particles on curved surfaces
Chikyoung Baek S-oil
Fariba Bagherzadeh Bagherzadeh University of Sydney
Stefano Bernardi University of Sydney
Debra Bernhardt The University of Queensland
Ann Bui The University of Queensland Nonequilibrium optical tweezers dynamics
Rajarshi Chakrabarti Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Dynamics in non-equilibrium active bath
Nathan Clisby Swinburne University of Technology Efficient implementation of connectivity changing moves for dense polymers
Peter Daivis RMIT University NEMD - a small and simple non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation program
Handayani Dewi N/A
Ian Douglass The University of Sydney On the dissolution and precipitation of a model organic glass
Itai Einav The University of Sydney Rice-quakes in crunchy soft matter
Kirill Glavatskiy University of Sydney Surface tension of molecular fluids from the Ising model.
Georg Gottwald Sydney University, School of Mathematics & Statistics Going beyond the central limit theorem: Stochastic model reduction for fast-slow systems with moderate time-scale separation
Isaac Gresham UNSW Particle Transport through Fibrous Networks
Francois Guillard School fo Civil Engineering, The University of Sydney Drag and lift forces in granular media
MD TANVIR HOSSAIN University of Sydney
Stephen Hannam RMIT University Investigation of Crystallisation inhibition through molecular dynamics simulation
Peter Harrowell University of Sydney
Richard Henchman University of Manchester Dissecting the Entropy Change of Molecular Binding
Shaun Hendy University of Auckland The stability of Janus particle clusters in flows
David Huang The University of Adelaide Molecular simulation algorithms for concentration-gradient-driven fluid flow
Toby Hudson School of Chemistry, The University of Sydney Simulation in higher dimensions for avoiding bottlenecks in three
Soon-Hwan Hwang ED&C
Ahmad Jabbarzadeh The University of Sydney
Ravi Jagadeeshan Monash University Size, shape and diffusivity of a single Debye-Hückel polyelectrolyte chain in solution
Hessamodin Jami University of Sydney Atomic stress and bonding mechanism in the Aerosol Deposition method using molecular dynamic simulation
Owen Jepps Griffith University Modelling density-dependent collective diffusion in microporous Knudsen flows
Ho Suk Ji S-OIL
Ramalingam Kailasham Monash University
Jongsun Kim Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Matthew King Griffith University
Kiran Kumari Monash University
Daniel Ladiges The University of Melbourne A hybrid method for solving the Boltzmann equation
Junhan Lee Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Amelia Liu Monash Univerisity Probing local structure in glasses with small probe transmission diffraction.
Yawei Liu School of Chemistry, University of Sydney Pressure-gradient approach fails to predict the microscopic Marangoni flow and diffusio-osmosis
Mario Liu Institute Theoretical Physics, University Tübingen, Germany why grains are thermal, and quite normal, after all
Matthew Macaulay The University of Sydney
Luca Maffioli Swinburne University of Technology A new method for calculation of the entropy using MD
Benjy Marks The University of Sydney Dynamic X-ray radiography reveals particle size and shape orientation fields during granular flow
Andrew Martin The University of Melbourne Extracting real-space angular distributions from fluctuation diffraction data
Adrian Menzel RMIT University Coleman-Markovitz equation from non-linear response theory
Debora Monego University of Sydney Ligand-Mediated Interaction Between Colloidal Nanoparticles
Sina Naficy University of Sydney, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Ern Seang Ong UNSW Canberra Molecular dynamics simulation of polyelectrolytes in aqueous solution
David Ostler Swinburne University Electropumping in functionalised carbon nanotubes
George Papanicolaou Research Consultant
In Kyung Park SungKyunKwan University
Jasmine Pour Eng
Stuart Prescott UNSW Sydney
Malcolm Ramsay University of Sydney The Detection and Characterisation of Molecular Crystals
Madhuranga Rathnayake The University of Sydney
Kannan Ridings University of Auckland Thermal Properties of Metal Nanowires
Pierre Rognon Particles and Grains Laboratory, School of Civil Engineering The University of Sydney Dense Granular Flows: Another Turbulence?
John Ronczka SCOTTYNCC Independent Research Scientist
Richard Sadus Swinburne University of Technology
Aritra Santra Monash University
Philipp Schönhöfer Murdoch University Mixing pears and oranges: From bicontinuous to micellar-like phases
Alexander Smith University of Auckland Droplet Motion on Superhydrophobic Surfaces
Patrick Spicer UNSW Sydney
Gang Sun University of Sydney The Structural Origin of Enhanced Dynamics at the Surface of a Glassy Alloy
Chunguang Tang UNSW Atomistic origin of transient hardening and stress serrations in a CuZr metallic glass
Roger Tanner University of Sydney
Alf Uhlherr '-
Xingyong Wang University of Wollongong
Asaph Widmer-Cooper University of Sydney Self-assembly of Patchy Nanorods at an Interface
Jared Wood University of Sydney Self-assembly of Nanorods in Polymer Solution
Zhongpu Zhang University of Sydney
Bill van Megen RMIT