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Debra J. Bernhardt (Searles) University of Queensland Nonequilibrium flow in nanopores (keynote)
Gary Bryant RMIT University Synchrotron SAXS and Neutron studies of Structure Factors in Hard Sphere Suspensions
Pierluigi Cesana Kyushu University (Australia Branch) Effective response of elastic liquid crystal membranes
Derek Chan University of Melbourne and Swinburne University of Technology Modelling the collision between a rising bubble and a deformable flat interface
Nathan Clisby University of Melbourne Monte Carlo simulation of polymers attached to a surface
Peter Daivis RMIT University Nonlocal constitutive equations for shear flow in fluids with strongly inhomogeneous density and velocity profiles
Sergio De Luca UNSW Studying of the anticancer drugs - Dendrimer interactions: a molecular dynamics approach
Ian Douglass University of Sydney The role of particle softness in amorphous atomic alloys
Denis J Evans ANU Dissipation and the Foundations of Classical Statistical Thermodynamics (keynote)
Kirill Glavatskiy University of Queensland Is local equilibrium sufficient for irreversible systems with delayed response?
Marsel Gokovi Griffith University Mass transport rates in confined spaces
Stephen Hannam RMIT University Molecular dynamics calculations of intermediate scattering functions for a model colloidal fluid with explicit solvent.
Peter Harrowell University of Sydney The Statistical Mechanics of Liquid Structure
Emma Hodges Monash University Fluctuation theorems to probe equilibrium properties of non-equilibrium work trajectories using simulation
David Huang University of Adelaide Surface effects in nanofluidic energy harvesting (keynote)
Ahmad Jabbarzadeh University of Sydney Surface Induced Crystallization of Polymers
Ravi Jagadeeshan Monash University Coil-stretch hysteresis in polymer solutions
Matthew King Griffith University Chaos and fluctuations in a modified Ehrernfest wind-tree model
Naida M. Lacevic University of Melbourne Viscoelasticity of glycerol at ultra-high frequencies investigated via molecular dynamics simulations
Daniel R. Ladiges University of Melbourne Frequency-domain Monte Carlo method for oscillatory gas flows
Lang Liu University of Queensland Interfacial resistance and size-dependent transport coefficients in nanoporous materials
Adrian Menzel RMIT University Planar Poiseuille flow of highly confined polymer solutions
Guy Metcalfe Swinburne University of Technology and Monash University Entropy Production, Fluctuations and the Slow Approach to Equilibrium in a Mechanical Analogue to Soft Matter: the Soft Billiard
Gerald Pereira CSIRO Brazil nuts and more
Mihail N. Popescu Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Effective interaction between active colloids and fluid interfaces
Andrey Pototsky Swinburne University of Technology Instability modes and regular density patterns in a colony of self-propelled surfactant particles covering a thin liquid layer
Prabhakar Ranganathan Monash University The mechanobiology of construction and operation of traffic networks in interstitial swarms of bacteria
Shibu Saw University of Sydney Rigidity of matter as a consequence of configurational constraint
Qiang Sun University of Melbourne Boundary regularised integral equation formulation of the Debye-Hückel model
Andrew Tarzia University of Adelaide and CSIRO Design Principles for the Self-Assembly of Porous Materials
Maryna Vlasiuk Swinburne University of Technology Molecular simulation of the thermodynamic properties of liquid neon
Brad Wells CSIRO Towards developing structure-property relationships for tactic methacrylic ester polymers
David Williams ANU The Physics of Threading Rotaxanes and Nanotubes
Stephen R. Williams ANU Beyond Thermodynamics: Totally Nonequilibrium Relaxation towards Equilibrium
William van Megen RMIT University Exposing a dynamical signature of the freezing transition through the sound propagation gap